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Action Command Example
What's in my bag? bag bag
Create player pcreate name password pcreate jeff secret
Create animal or thing create animal|program|help name create animal starfish
Detoad stuff detoad name|all detoad jeff
Look around current place look look
Go one step go north|south|east|west go north
Plant living things plant tree|flower|shoot plant tree
Run two steps run north|south|east|west run north
Pick up something take name take starfish
Put down something drop drop starfish
Turn things into toads and lobsters toad toad starfish
Tell, private message someone tell:<name> some message tell:jeff a starfish is around
Logon as a created player logon name password logon jeff secret
Log out logout logout
Move things around randomly set sail name set sail poodle
Get help help help
List current ontology onto onto

REST commands
Who's online http:/<domain>/who http://domain.tld/who
Finger info http:/<domain>/finger http://domain.tld/finger/jeff